All Natural Litter

100% clean wood fiber is heated and compressed into tiny pellets that absorb moisture and eliminate odor.

TreeLitter is a safe, sustainable, non-clumping alternative to clay.

Make the Switch

Make a Pawsitive Impact

Plant a new tree with every refill.

Our Mission

Zero-Waste Exchange

When you subscribe, we'll exchange your empty bucket of TreeLitter for a fresh one. This eliminates the cost of packaging and reduces your impact.

  • Quality Natural Litter

    TreeLitter is made from 100% biodegradable softwood fiber. The fiber is heat and pressure treated to create a safe and comfortable environment for your feline friend. No strip mines or labratories invovled.

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  • Zero-Waste Options

    Save time, money, and the planet! Subscribers exchange their TreeLitter bucket on a regular schedule.

    We exchange, sanitize, and recycle the used buckets at no extra cost.

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  • Subscribe to Plant Trees

    When you subscribe to TreeLitter, you and your beloved pets embark on a tree planting journey together.

    Each time you re-purchase TreeLitter on subscription, a new tree gets planted!

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